The Morning Pride: April 11, 2014


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Day of Silence (Wide)

– Today is the National Day of Silence, when students around the country protest the bullying, harassment, and violence perpetuated against LGBT people.

– It looks like two of the three judges hearing the appeal of Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage are prepared to strike it down. Here’s an in-depth look at Thursday’s oral arguments.

– There are only five states that ban same-sex marriage where a suit challenging those bans is not underway: Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

– The Illinois House killed a bill that would have banned ex-gay therapy for minors.

– A Missouri Senate committee is considering LGBT nondiscrimination protections.

– A Pennsylvania legislator has introduced a “divorce equality” bill.

– Support for marriage equality is slowing improving in North Carolina.

– Laura Jane Klug, the transgender substitute teacher suspended from working at a Texas school because parents were concerned that her identity was a distraction, received a lot of support at a school board meeting, but the board did not take any action toward reinstating her. Friday morning, Klug reports that she’s been reinstated.

– The Witherspoon Institute, which funded Mark Regnerus’ misleading study about gay parenting, is now reaching out to Muslim groups that also oppose marriage equality.