The Morning Pride: April 16, 2014


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– The New York Times offers a long profile about how President Obama arrived at his public support for marriage equality.

– According to the Williams Institute, marriage equality would boost Oregon’s economy by about $47 million over three years.

– South Carolina state Sen. Mike Fair (R), who was worried about lesbians being recruited on a college campus, has also compared LGBT people to “skinheads and radical Islam.”

– Eight months since marriage equality arrived in Minnesota, Minnesotans are still split on the issue.

– Nearly 1,000 same-sex couples have already applied for marriage licenses in Cook County, Illinois.

– A Florida man was kicked out of a community basketball game this week because he is HIV-positive, but Kissimmee has “taken corrective action” to ensure such discrimination does not happen again in the future.

– The Queens, New York student who’s not allowed to attend her private school’s prom because her boyfriend is transgender is going to have her own prom.

– The United Kingdom has finally publicly criticized India for reinstating its anti-sodomy law last December.

– Spain is opening its first retirement home for LGBTI elderly people.

– The United Nations has condemned the sovereign state of Brunei for a new law that allows for people convicted of homosexuality to be stoned to death.

– Turkey is planning to segregate prisoners who identify as gay.