The Morning Pride: April 24, 2014


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– A new Pew poll analyzes moral attitudes toward homosexuality across many different countries.

– U.S. District Judge Michael McShane played devil’s advocate in the Oregon marriage case because nobody in the courtroom was defending the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

– Chelsea Manning explains the significance of her name being legally changed to “Bradley Edward Manning” to “Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.”

– The University of California System has reached a new tentative contract agreement with graduate student workers that establishes access to gender-neutral restrooms as a “right.”

– The South Dakota High School Activities Association is considering allowing transgender students to play on the athletic teams they identify with.

– Gay business owners continue to face discrimination from customers.

Cincinnati Catholics are protesting the new morality clause imposed in teachers’ contracts, with some teachers refusing to sign it.

– A Canadian judge has ruled that transgender people should not have to undergo sex reassignment surgery to obtain revised birth certificates reflecting their gender.

– Trans activists in China are protesting a proposed bill that would allow transgender people to marry, but only if they receive sex reassignment surgery.

– Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa, who famously advocated for the anti-homosexuality law, could very well be charged under that law because of the graphic ways he discusses gay sex.

– “Mombian” blogger Dana Rudolph shares her experience bringing her family to the White House Easter Egg Roll.