Maine Republicans Still Oppose Marriage Equality Over A Year After Voters Approved It

CREDIT: AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

Delegates at this weekend's Maine GOP convention cheer Gov. Paul LePage, who opposes marriage equality.

This weekend, the Maine Republican Party adopted a new platform, which among other things, asserts an opposition to allowing same-sex couples to marry. This is in spite of the fact that the state has had marriage equality for over a year now.

Under an ironic heading that the government should not dictate to families, the platform dictates that same-sex couples’ marriages simply don’t exist:

The family is the foundation and strength of a stable society; therefore the government should not interfere, but rather support and protect the integrity and rights of the family:

A. Promote Family values;
B. Marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman;
C. Parents – not government – are most capable and responsible to make decisions in the best interest of their minor children, including medical, disciplinary and educational decisions;

In 2012, Maine became the first state where voters legalized marriage equality at the ballot, and a promise by opponents to return to the ballot hasn’t materialized. Maine’s legislature was one of many to defeat a “religious freedom” bill that would have allowed for anti-LGBT discrimination, and polling continues to show a majority of Maine voters support marriage equality. As of November, over 1,200 same-sex couples had tied the knot in Maine.

It’s unclear from the platform if the Maine GOP plans to campaign against marriage equality or whether the plank is merely symbolic.