The Morning Pride: April 29, 2014


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– The Department of Defense’s new Human Goals Charter notably offers no support for transgender troops or civilian workers.

– Louisiana lawmakers killed a bill that would have created nondiscrimination protections in housing based on sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran’s status, source of income, domestic abuse victim status, and conviction record.

– A new poll finds that 61 percent of Coloradans support marriage equality, while just 33 percent oppose it.

Three Fortune 500 companies are now supporting the LGBT-inclusive Missouri Non-discrimination Act (MONA), Sprint, Monsanto, and Express Scripts.

– Former Michigan state Rep. Lorence Wenke has left the Republican Party in part because of its anti-gay platform; he’ll run for state Senate in November as a Libertarian.

– Two transgender people have filed suits against New Jersey police departments over alleged discrimination and harassment.

– Uganda is considering a new anti-gay law, which would ban all non-governmental organizations from promoting homosexuality, including foreign groups working in the country.