Editorial Note: The Future Of The Morning Pride


Pride Flag Banner 6

For the past three years, almost every weekday morning has started with a post we here at ThinkProgress have called “The Morning Pride.” This daily post included a round-up of LGBT news links such as updates to stories we’ve been following, small victories at the local level, some international news, and a little bit of culture and humor as well.

In that time, ThinkProgress has grown and changed quite a bit. As part of that growth, we’ve phased out our round-up style content across the rest of the site, and we’re now considering doing the same with “The Morning Pride”. Before it’s gone forever, though, we want feedback from you, our readers, to make sure you still have access to all the LGBT political news you’ve come to expect from ThinkProgress.

That’s why this week, we’re running an experiment to deliver this content in a different way. Instead of a single daily post rounding up these extra stories, we’re going to better utilize @TPEquality, our ThinkProgress LGBT Twitter account, to deliver this news to you throughout the day. Even if you’re not on Twitter, you can still see the latest tweets from us using the “Recent Tweets” widget on the right sidebar of the site. This means there won’t be a “Morning Pride” this week, but we will still be curating all the same great content for you.

As we try out this new format, we definitely want to hear from you. Please use the comment thread on this post as a venue to share your thoughts about “The Morning Pride,” or reach out to us using our “Contact” form. Thanks as always for your readership!