TIME To Hire a Researcher

The TIME distortion that enrages Ann Coulter:

“Why can’t they just photograph conservatives straight?!” blasted this week’s TIME magazine covergirl Ann Coulter. … The photographer, Platon, appears to have used a wide “Fisheye” lense for the cover snap, stretching Coulter’s legs and feet — while shrinking the rest of her body.

The TIME distortion that irks ThinkProgress:

Coulter has a reputation for carelessness with facts, and if you Google the words “Ann Coulter lies,” you will drown in results. But I didn’t find many outright Coulter errors.

What a joke. Below are just a few of Ann’s most recent outright errors, distortions, and lies:

Coulter lied and distorted to defend fake reporter “Jeff Gannon”; falsely attacked President Clinton’s remarks on the tsunami relief effort; falsely claimed that the New York Times op-ed page “outed” gays and quoted NYT columnists out of context to defend inauguration costs; distorted and attacked Sen. Kennedy’s major Iraq speech; claimed that reports of hundreds of tons of munitions being looted in Iraq were “false”; distorted a 2002 article by New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof that predicted the difficulties of the Iraq war; falsely implied that the group behind a December 21 attack on American soldiers in Mosul was not linked to Al Qaeda; defended Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld by falsely claiming that a reporter had devised a controversial question a soldier posed to Rumsfeld; falsely claimed that the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights was unable to identify any African-Americans in Florida who had been wrongly disenfranchised during the 2000 election (“We’ve found more WMDs in Iraq than we’ve found disenfranchised blacks in Florida”); and printed scores of errors (as well as specious ‘corrections’ of those errors) in her books.