O’Reilly Lashes Out at Cheadle and Jolie

O’Reilly is picking fights again…

This guy, Don Cheadle, we invited him on to talk about Darfur. He had a headache. His elbow hurt. He couldn’t do it, you know. And as you said, he’s got a movie out now, so he’s running around. I think Cheadle’s a phony. … And you know, I just don’t want these stars to be getting all this good publicity using people.

Finally! Someone cracks down on that vast racket of publicity-seekers trying to “use” the people in Darfur by calling attention to the fact that they’re being mass-murdered. Because there really are too many people talking about Darfur, really. (For his part, O’Reilly has uttered the word ‘Darfur’ just twice in the history of his show.)

O’Reilly also turned his crosshairs on Angelina Jolie, who since August 2001 has been the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. O’Reilly explained how he had once presented another celebrity U.N. ambassador “with a situation where he could have helped some very poor children here in New York City with just a short appearance. He declined. Now we have actress Angelina Jolie in a similar situation.”

“Similar situtation”? Angelina’s been neglecting very poor children? No, she just won’t appear on O’Reilly’s show:

Now we’ve invited Ms. Jolie on this program six times over the course of two and two and a half years that she’s held this U.N. position. She doesn’t come on. In fact, she does very, very little to publicize what she’s doing in the U.S. here in the United States.

She’s done a couple of MTV interviews, which is like doing nothing. She’s done an ABC morning show that nobody watches on the weekend. And very minor appearances.

As if this tirade wasn’t embarrasing enough, it turns out the Saturday and Sunday editions of ABC’s Good Morning America pulled 3.04 million and 2.35 million viewers respectively in January (the most recent numbers I could find). So far this month, O’Reilly has averaged 2.09 million viewers (and is free-falling).

Now that’s ridiculous.