Bill O’Reilly Dreams Of Murder

We’re used to Bill O’Reilly edging right up to the line of good taste. This week, however, he stomped well past that line, spinning a bloodthirsty rant on his radio show about LA Times editorial writer Michael Kinsley being decapitated. Why the rage? Kinsley advocated legal representation for the detainees locked away at Guantanamo Bay as a way to improve America’s severely damaged international credibility.

Media Matters gets full credit for exposing O’Reilly’s sick comments. (Plus, they have the actual audio, if you want to listen to it for yourself):

People who support giving detainee lawyers will “never get it until [terrorists] grab Michael Kinsley out of his little house and they cut his head off… And maybe when the blade sinks in, he’ll go, ‘Perhaps O’Reilly was right.'”