Limbaugh and Bush Part Ways Over Bolton

“Procedural delay” or filibuster? How should one describe the Senate tactic being used to get more information on John Bolton? Rush Limbaugh insists it’s a filibuster, and has been attacking the media for not using his terminology:

The press won’t say it, but it’s a Democrat fil‚·i‚·bus‚·ter: [Quoting the Associated Press] “The Republicans needed 60 votes to end the Democrat…” Look at this! “Democrat procedural delay.” (Laughter) A “procedural delay” that required a cloture vote is a filibuster! Sorry to scream, folks… but I want to be emphatic.
— Rush Limbaugh, 5/27/05

What will Rush say now that President Bush has announced he agrees with the media’s interpretation?

Q: What about the filibuster as a tactic, in general, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it’s certainly been a tactic that’s been used on judges and Bolton, if this is a filibuster. I don’t know what you call it. I’m not sure they actually labeled it, filibuster. I’d call it — thus far, it’s a stall — stall headed toward filibuster, I guess.