Another Rousing “Defense” of John Bolton

From the June 6 “The Week” section of The National Review, slamming Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH):

In refusing to vote for Bolton at the committee’s meeting May 12, [Voinovich] endorsed the absurd idea that Bolton was a “kiss up, kick down” kind of guy at the State Department, when Bolton repeatedly clashed with his superior Colin Powell.

Let’s get this straight: The National Review is refuting the charge that Bolton is a “kiss up, kick down” guy not by challenging the claims of Bolton’s detractors, but by claiming that, in the case of Colin Powell, Bolton tried to obstruct and undermine him instead of kissing up to him.

And this is a good thing?

In any case, the Review is missing a more important point. Obstructing Powell was Bolton’s way of kissing up — not to Powell, obviously, but to Vice President Cheney, who rewarded Bolton by pushing hard for a spot for him in the second term administration, despite the fact that most of Bolton’s colleagues consider him a serious liability.