Fox Anchor: NBC Should Have Bleeped Out West

On this morning’s “Fox & Friends,” after showing a clip of Kanye West’s remarks from last night’s NBC relief special — which one Fox host described as a “tirade” — they continued:

JULIET HUDDY: A lot of folks are saying it was an inappropriate place to make those remarks, when you are asking people to help donate. It was not the time to do it regardless of whether or not you agree with his comments.

JULIAN PHILLIPS: I think you are right. It certainly wasn’t the time to do it. The focus was on trying to get money for people, but unfortunately, for better or worse, it underscores the, I guess, the animation that people have about this whole issue and race will probably be something that will be addressed down the line.

STEVE DOOCY: It understores the fact that NBC should have had a producer with a finger on the button and as soon as someone goes off the copy to go ahead and delete it.

Apparently criticism of President Bush should now be treated as an obscenity.