Michael Reagan’s Attempted Smear Disastrously Misinformed

Last night on Fox News, right-wing talking head Michael Reagan tried to smear President Clinton’s disaster relief efforts:

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Michael Reagan: First of all, I don’t think the president had anything to apologize for. FEMA was at Katrina quicker than they were at Andrew or Floyd or any one of the hurricanes you can name before that, when Bill Clinton was President of the United States. Nobody was calling for [Clinton FEMA director James Lee] Witt to be taken down. Nobody was calling on Bill Clinton to be thrown out of office because of it.

FACT: Hurricane Andrew happened under President George Herbert Walker Bush’s watch. The Hurricane hit in August 1992, months before Clinton was elected.

FACT: On September 14, 1999, two days before Hurricane Floyd hit, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette outlined FEMA’s preparations for the coming storm:

FEMA officials “said they were ready to roll and could have supplies into an affected area within hours after Floyd’s passage. FEMA emergency response centers have been activated in Atlanta and Washington, and it has representatives at state emergency centers from Florida to North Carolina…Meanwhile, FEMA has positioned ice, water, plastic sheeting, cots, tents, and emergency food and medial supplies in Atlanta, where they can be delivered within hours wherever Floyd hits land.”