Hume: Miers Is Qualified (At Least If She Isn’t Compared to White Men)

Opponents of Harriet Miers’ nomination are criticizing President Bush for selecting someone they find entirely unqualified for a Supreme Court appointment.

But today on Fox News Sunday, in an attempt to assuage conservative activists, Brit Hume offered this explanation of Bush’s choice: Miers may be unqualified when compared to white men, but judged against minorities and other women, she is actually the cream of the crop:

WILLIAM KRISTOL: I was opposed to the president nominating [Alberto] Gonzalez, but I think it is absolutely the case just on the merits that Judge Gonzalez was more qualified than Harriet Meiers.

BRIT HUME: I think, Chris, that to the extent that the president flinched, he flinched on this point, and that is he decided it had to be a woman and/or a minority, and that narrowed the field. And I think it’s also the case that while he had just named to the appellate bench some quite likely seeming candidates, Priscilla Owen being one, Janice Rogers Brown another, and after prolonged battles, lasting years, gotten them confirmed, I think that he was still operating from a much narrower list. And in that context, she looked much better than she would have against a full field, men and women alike.

UPDATE: Crooks and Liars has the video.