Bill O’Reilly Still Pushing WMD Myths

In the run-up to war, the right-wing went all out to smear Joe Wilson in a desperate attempt to convince the American people that Saddam Hussein possessed WMD.

While most people have given-up on the WMD argument, Bill O’Reilly is still hard at work.

On Fox News last night, he invited on a so-called “knowledgeable expert on Saddam” who told O’Reilly that the WMD were moved across the Iraq border into Syria:

Oreilly wmd

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But back in April 2005, Charles Duelfer released a 92-page addendum to his earlier report on Iraq’s pre-war WMD capabilities. The addendum debunked the claim that Saddam transported his WMD to Syria before the war started. The New York Times reported:

On Syria, the report said that “no information gleaned from questioning Iraqis supported the possibility” that weapons were moved out of the country before the invasion, which was one theory about why no unconventional weapons were found.

Transcript below:

O’REILLY: I got one more fast question. I was looking over your book.


O’REILLY: And do you still maintain that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Do you still believe that?

COUGHLIN: Yes. Look, Bill, I mean, I’ve spoken – I’ve been to Iraq several times since the war. I’ve spoken to lots of intelligence people in America and the U.K.

Now I’ve seen all the reports. I’ve seen congressional reports, British reports, the ISJ Report. But you talk to people in the intelligence community. You talk to people in Baghdad and the government. They have no doubt that before the war, Saddam had active WMD.

Now we’re not talking massive stockpiles, but he had them. And because of what he suddenly realized in the fall of 2002, that a war was coming. And so he got rid of the active ingredients.

O’REILLY: He did a good job.

COUGHLIN: He retained the infrastructure.

O’REILLY: He did a good job.

COUGHLIN: He did a very good job.


COUGHLIN: And I just feel that, you know, if people would put more effort into this, you know, we’d get to the truth, particularly go to Syria…

O’REILLY: That would turn everything around if they could find out what happened to those WMDs.