Out of Excuses for Alito, Hume Makes Some Up

humeLast night, Fox News anchor Brit Hume argued Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito wasn’t expressing his “personal views” when he wrote in a 1985 letter that “the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion.” Here’s an excerpt:

HUME: But these were not personal views he was discussing, in all fairness, though were they?

KONDRACKE: (crosstalk)…politically his own.

HUME: No, he has said these were the legal arguments that he made as a lawyer in the Reagan Justice Department. He was in the solicitor general’s office and had played a role in making these judicial arguments to the Supreme Court. And he was arguing against Roe versus Wade. [Fox News Network, 11/14/05]

Alito himself wrote in the aforementioned letter, “I personally believe very strongly” in this legal position on privacy rights.

Hume must have Alito confused with Chief Justice Roberts, who argued during his confirmation hearings that “his early writings simply mirrored the policies of two Republican presidents for whom he worked.” As the New York Times reported, “Unlike memorandums from Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s work for the Reagan administration released during his confirmation, Judge Alito’s application describes only his personal views, not those of his employer.”

Hume should at least have the decency to update his own spin.