Scarborough: Katrina Video ‘Won’t Hurt Bush So Much,’ Shows ‘Brownie Did A Heckuva Job’

Last night Joe Scarborough explained how “Bush-bashing bloggers and their allies in the press” are missing the real story from the new Katrina video. According to Scarborough, it’s a net positive for the Bush administration. Watch it:

    Actually, what the tapes really show is that both Bush and Brown knew about Katrina’s potential devastation and still did nothing.

    Full transcript below:

    SCARBOROUGH: But first, Bush-bashing bloggers and their allies in the press. They’re already hyperventilating over the Katrina tapes. Or as one on this network breathlessly called them “The Bush tapes.” The Bush tapes! Just released today. Takes us all inside the President’s meetings with his top aides, the day before Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast.

    [snip – Clip from Katrina video]

    SCARBOROUGH: Now I’ve spent the past six months kicking the President squarely in the pants for his terrible reaction to Katrina. I suggest to my peers in the press breathe into a paper bag and take notes from one who was in the hurricane zone the day it hit and who sat through too many FEMA briefings the day before hurricanes who were about to slam into my hometown. And as one who’s been there and done that, two things are painfully clear from these tapes. First — Homeland Security Director Chertoff was out to lunch, literally. And two, former FEMA director and current goat Michael Brown was deadly accurate in his predictions. So these Bush tapes won’t hurt Bush so much as they will prove that Brown did a heckuva job, at least in predicting the aftermath of Katrina. So, my question tonight, why wasn’t Washington listening to Brownie? And why are we just now hearing tapes they told us no longer existed?