Media Sat On Katrina Video For 6 Months

A videotape of a briefing that occurred the day before Hurricane Katrina struck is blanketing television news. The coverage is appropriate; the tape proves that Bush and other top officials knew about the severity of the storm in advance and still were slow to respond.

What you won’t hear on TV is that the media have had this tape for six months but haven’t done anything with it. From the LA Times:

Department briefings are routinely recorded, said [Homeland Security spokesman Russ] Knocke, adding that Homeland Security does not know how Associated Press got the footage of the Aug. 28 briefing. It was also obtained that day or the day after by a network and a cable affiliate, but neither aired it, he said.

The contents of the tape are clearly newsworthy. Which media organizations obtained the tape and why wasn’t it aired?