Fox News Grills Gonzales: “Are You, Sir, A Pie A La Mode Man?”

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has a central role in some very important issues: the domestic spying program, the Patriot Act, and violations by the FBI and DOJ lawyers.

Today, Fox News still found time to question Gonzales on an equally important subject — pies. Watch it:


    (Quicktime Video)


    E.D. HILL: Ok. And finally, we were talking about this state pies. I don’t believe Texas has one. Florida is changing from key lime to pecan pie —

    STEVE DOOCY: Yeah, maybe, it’s a big debate.

    HILL: Now shouldn’t Texas lay claim to the pecan pie?

    GONZALES: Oh, I’ll tell you, I’ve eaten some great — both key lime pie and pecan pie in Texas.

    DOOCY: Are you a – if I can ask you a personal question – are you, sir, a pie a la mode man, do you prefer ice cream on the top or do you prefer whipped cream?

    GONZALES: I’m not a whipped cream fan. I like good old blue bell vanilla ice cream from Texas.

    HILL: The best. Ok, well, there’s an answer — thank you.

    DOOCY: Alberto Gonzales, the attorney general of the United States and a confessed pie lover.