Fox News Falsely Claims Daschle and Gephardt Are Registered Lobbyists

Fox News published a story this week headlined, “Premium Placed on Lobbyists Who Served in Congress.” The first two paragraphs:

What do Tom Daschle, John Ashcroft, Fred Thompson, J.C. Watts, Zell Miller and Dick Gephardt have in common these days?

They are all former members of Congress “” and they are all registered lobbyists.

Actually, neither Gephardt nor Daschle (who is a fellow at the Center for American Progress) are or have been registered lobbyists since they left office, according to the U.S. Senate’s official database. We called both their offices to confirm the Senate’s records.

The error is especially egregious considering how easy it is to find out who has been registered as a lobbyist. Just search a name at Ashcroft, Thompson, Watts, and Miller are all there. Gephardt and Daschle — the only two progressives on Fox’s list — aren’t.

Email Fox News at and tell them to correct the record for their readers. (Remember, be polite.)