O’Reilly Reversal: “There Is No Attack On Easter”

Last night, Bill O’Reilly attacked Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution for writing this:

Still, fresh from their holy war against “holiday trees” and “the fat guy in the red suit,” talk show hosts are taking up arms in defense of an embattled Easter, which they claim is under attack by the same political correctness that supposedly menaced Christmas trees and Santa.

O’Reilly called Tucker’s piece a “nutty diatribe” and then set the record straight:

First of all, there is no attack on Easter. Only two dumb incidents, one in St. Paul, Minnesota, where a secretary was asked to take down decorations featuring the Easter Bunny. And one in Georgia, where an Easter event was changed to a Spring event. After pressure, it’s back to an Easter event.

Gosh, where could Tucker have gotten the idea that talk show hosts like O’Reilly claimed Easter was under attack? Bill O’Reilly, 4/11/06:

Although some left-wingers in the media deny it, we have documented a number of cases where Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter have been attacked by secular interests. Lawsuits and corporate policies have proved this point over and over again.

When will those nutty left-wingers get their fact straight.