Colbert to Graduates: ‘You Are the Most Cuddled Generation In History’

American Progress CEO John Podesta convinced Stephen Colbert to give the commencement address this weekend at Podesta’s alma mater Knox College. Here’s an excerpt:

There are so many challenges facing this next generation, and as they said earlier, you are up for these challenges. And I agree, except that I don’t think you are. I don’t know if you’re tough enough to handle this. You are the most cuddled generation in history. I belong to the last generation that did not have to be in a car seat. You had to be in car seats. I did not have to wear a helmet when I rode my bike. You do. You have to wear helmets when you go swimming, right? In case you bump your head against the side of the pool. Oh, by the way, I should have said, my speech today may contain some peanut products.

You can read the whole transcript at the Knox College website.

You can also watch a really bad video of the speech on You Tube.