NBC To Feature Coulter On Tonight Show

Last Tuesday, Ann Coulter appeared on NBC’s Today Show and defended her comments that several 9/11 widows were “self-obsessed women…enjoying their husband’s death.” That evening, NBC News anchor and managing editor Brian Williams called Coulter’s remarks “over the line — the line that is shared by just about everybody because some things, it turns out, are still sacred.”

Nevertheless, Coulter is scheduled to appear Wednesday on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

“Tonight” host Jay Leno might want to consider wearing referee stripes on Wednesday’s show when Ann Coulter and George Carlin are his guests.

Coulter, the acid-tongued conservative with a new book out, and Carlin, the quick-witted, antiestablishment comedian who’s in the voice cast for the new animated film “Cars,” were booked at separate times for the NBC late-nighter, a spokeswoman said Monday.

Apparently, the line isn’t sacred enough for NBC to stop using Coulter and her extreme comments to pump up their ratings.