Fox News: “Are ‘Scoops’ More Important To Media Than Stopping Terror?”

This morning, the New York Times reported that the Bush administration has concealed a “secret program of combing through a vast international data base containing banking transactions involving thousands of Americans.”

Fox News host Neil Cavuto and his guest, former CIA operative Wayne Simmons, called the Times’s aggressive reporting an attempt to drive-down President Bush’s poll numbers. Watch it:

Full transcript below:

CAVUTO: Do you think the fact the President’s low in the polls — he’s picked up a little bit — that that affects this, too? That the media might be saying look, you’re doing so poorly, we’re going to run anything and everything.

SIMMONS: Listen, it’s absolutely no coincidence, Neil. You’re right on money. It’s no coincidence that the President’s rise in the polls, because the Americans are recognizing that he is defeating terrorists, that this happened to show up today or yesterday in the media.

CAVUTO: Guys, thank you very much. Appreciate it.