New York Times Finally Retracts Clinton Story

The New York Times has finally retracted its flagrantly false story about Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY):

An article published on the Web site of The New York Times on Sunday reported on a speech by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Rogers, Ark. The headline and article said that Mrs. Clinton had criticized Democrats on Saturday for “wasting time” by dealing with issues that helped Republicans turn out voters rather than finding consensus on mainstream subjects. The opening sentence of the article and the headline were based on a misinterpretation of a passage in her speech in which she first referred to the Democrats’ agenda in the Senate and then went on to criticize the actions of the Republican majority in Congress.

She was referring to the Republican-led Congress “” not Democrats

This is a victory for the progressive blogosphere, particularly Atrios, who first discovered the error, and Media Matters, which kept the story going. Some questions to consider:

— Why did it take the New York Times more than 48 hours to correct the record?

— Will right-wing news sites that picked up the story, including Drudge Report and Newsmax, inform their readers?