Right-Wing Radio Host: Jews Who Criticize Israel Hate Themselves

Yesterday on Fox News’s Your World With Neil Cavuto, right-wing talk show host Dennis Prager explained that the reason Jews criticize Israel is because they are plagued by “self-hate” from being “hurt by so many anti-Semites.” They believe, “if I take the side of those who wish to kill us, I won’t be hurt.” Watch it:


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Full transcript below:

CAVUTO: As someone who is Jewish, very quickly Dennis, could you explain to me why many in the Jewish community bash Israel to the extent they do?

PRAGER: Oh, I can, but you need to give me a few more minutes. I’m good at sound bites, I really mastered this ability. But well, let me just say this way. This is a problem in Jewish history known as self-hate. Where Jews have been hurt so much — holocausts, pogroms, inquisitions — Jews have been so hurt by so many anti-Semites, that it has played havoc with the Jewish psyche. And there are those who believe — not necessarily even consciously — if I take the side of those who wish to kill us, I won’t be hurt.