Media Have Largely Dropped Iraq Coverage Since Israel-Hezbollah Fighting Broke Out

Last night on CNN, Jack Cafferty pointed out that since the Israel-Hezbollah fighting began on July 12, the media have drastically cut back their coverage of the war in Iraq. In the first six months of the year, the media devoted 39 minutes/week to Iraq coverage. Since July 12, they have devoted just 13 minutes/week. Additionally, in the last seven weeks, the media spent 510 minutes covering the Israel-Hezbollah conflict and just 94 minutes on Iraq.


    In the month-long conflict, approximately 1,200 Lebanese and 159 Israelis were killed. In contrast, 3,402 Iraqi civilians died in the month of July.

    As Cafferty pointed out, while the media were focused on Israel and Lebanon, “things in Iraq were going from bad to worse.”