TIME Reporter Falsely Claims Magazine Hasn’t ‘Touched’ John Mark Karr Story

Over the weekend on The McLaughlin Group, host John McLaughlin brought up the JonBenet Ramsey story, asking his guests — including TIME’s Jay Carney — whether the media were over-covering it:

MCLAUGHLIN: Is the media hyping this story because of its lurid qualities? Jay Carney.

CARNEY: As opposed to? Of course it’s hyping it because of its lurid qualities.

MCLAUGHLIN: You’re crowding out stories on the environment.

CARNEY: We actually are not at Time. We haven’t touched it.

But TIME’s website currently has FIVE articles (here, here, here, here, and here) all offering extensive coverage of John Mark Karr.

TIME isn’t alone in its obsession with the 10-year-old murder case. Even today — after the district attorney dropped the charges against Karr — many papers nationwide chose to lead with Karr coverage:


Editor & Publisher notes that a Google search for “John Mark Karr” came up with 10.8 million results. “John Mark Karr” with “Ramsey” produced 6.7 million stories.

UPDATE: Jay Carney has responded HERE.

(HT: Bill in Portland Maine)