MSNBC Runs Entire Segment On Clinton’s Socks: ‘The Former President Was Showing Off A Little Leg’

Today MSNBC decided to forego substantive discussion of terrorism and instead focused on the fact that former President Bill Clinton’s sock had slipped and part of his “white” leg was showing during his interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. The MSNBC host asked her guests, “Is this a travesty or what?” Watch it:


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Full transcript below:

HOST: Well, people haven’t just been talking about Bill Clinton’s red face in that Fox News interview and all the anger and the finger pointing, but some have been focusing on Clinton’s white legs. The former president showing off a little leg during the sitdown with Chris Wallace. We’re going to show you that, and that’s left some — see, there it is, a little glimpse of leg. Well, how does this happen? … I mean — is this a travesty or what?


RON CHRISTIE: Yes, I do have longer socks on. And the fact of the matter is —

HOST: How high do they come? To your calf or knee?

CHRISTIE: They’re almost up to the knee. You don’t have to worry about any leg showing here.

HOST: Very good. Because I prefer modesty in all of my interviewees.

CHRISTIE: Exactly.

HOST: Julian Epstein, Ron Christie, that was fun.


HOST: If I had been doing that interview, I’ve got to say, I would just say, “Oh, Mr. president, your leg is showing,” or it’s sort of like telling someone they have spinach in their teeth. Come on, it’s not cool to let someone go around with spinach in their teeth, same thing with leg.