O’Reilly Blasts O.J. Interview, Falsely Claims ‘Fox Broadcasting Has Nothing To Do with Fox News’

Last night, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly blasted Fox for its upcoming interview with O.J. Simpson, in which the former NFL star describes “how he would have murdered his ex-wife and her companion.” O’Reilly calls it “a low point in American culture” but notes “Fox Broadcasting has nothing to do with the Fox News Channel.”

Actually, Fox Broadcasting is tightly connected to Fox News. Radar has the details:

— “Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes…also chairs Fox Television Stations, the group behind the forthcoming” special on OJ.

— “Fox Broadcasting and the Fox News Channel are both owned by…News Corp. founder and chief Rupert Murdoch.”

— “Fox Broadcasting Corporation–the people who program prime time for the Fox network–regularly air Fox News-produced programming” including “O’Reilly’s special “documentaries” about people who hate children and Jesus.”

Moreover, the upcoming O.J. Simpson interview is being promoted by Fox News. Watch O’Reilly and then watch Fox News hype the interview relentlessly: