O’Reilly Momentarily Joins ‘War on Christmas,’ Says His Show Is Gearing Up ‘For The Holidays’

Last night, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly — who has said the phrase “Happy Holidays” is “insulting to Christian America” — announced that his show is gearing up “for the holidays.” After an awkward pause, O’Reilly apparently remembered that we are in the middle of a “War on Christmas” and tried to fix his mistake. He added, “…and Christmas and Chanukah.” Watch it:


O’Reilly didn’t fully recover from his gaffe, stumbling over his own e-mail address and reassuring viewers, “I know my own [web] address.”

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How about the website where there is no jabberwocky? Mr. Transition strikes again. Mr. Segue, here I am. – Gear up for the holidays…and Christmas and Chanukah. And uh, Talking Points Memo. Please e-mail us with pithy comments: OReilly@foxnews co — I know my own address.