ABC’s The Note Decrees ‘Politically, American Involvement In The Iraq War Is Over’

The self-fashioned political swamis at ABC’s political unit write today:

We think it was The Note that once wrote “politically, American involvement in the Iraq war is over.” That is more true today than it was yesterday, and it will be even more true next week when the Iraq Study Group dog-and-pony-with-a-purpose turns on the TV lights, and even more so when the Democratic majority rules the roost come January.

American political involvement in the Iraq war is over? That may be the conclusion of a publication that does not need to source its opinions, but all evidence indicates that the debate over Iraq will intensify, not wane.

President Bush has claimed the actual American involvement in Iraq will not be over any time soon. “We’re not leaving [Iraq] so long as I’m the president,” he said.

Most congressional Democrats, who were propelled into the majority by an American public tired of “stay the course,” have consolidated behind a plan of a phased withdrawal. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), on the other hand, is clamoring for a phased escalation with the support of some conservative allies. There have been suggestions that McCain’s plan is being given serious consideration.

But don’t worry yourself with these clashing proposals. The political debate is over.