ABC’s The Note: Bush Gave His ‘Best TV Performance In Years’ On 60 Minutes

60minPresident Bush appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes on Sunday night. A host of media and conservative blogs were not terribly impressed with his performance:

New York Times blog:

“Not much is new in the interview.”

Houston Chronicle blog:

“It’s not surprising to see Bush digging in his heels, avoiding difficult realities, or simply inventing a new narrative that suits him better.”

Conservative Real Clear Politics blog:

“As far as compelling television goes, Bush’s interview with Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes pales in comparison to Leslie Stahl’s sit down with the families of the Duke lacrosse players…”

Rush Limbaugh:

“I don’t care how you thought he did, I don’t know how many people watched it after CBS put these leaks out that Bush admitted this and said he was sorry and made Iraq worse and all this sort of stuff. The war at home here is a political war. Why then go to 60 Minutes?”

But ABC’s The Note — headed by an individual who has declared that traditional media have a liberal bias — came to a different conclusion:

On Iraq, the President had his best TV performance in years, minueting with Scott Pelley on “60 Minutes,” but that was largely offset by the grim news coverage out of Iraq (and the Gang of 500 mindset, which demands a fight over funding).”