CNN’s Glenn Beck Calls Anti-Gay Slur Simply A ‘Naughty Name’

Yesterday on CNN Headline News, host Glenn Beck addressed the controversy raised after Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington called his castmate T.R. Knight a “faggot.”

Beck called the New York Times’s refusal to print the anti-gay slur “amazing,” claiming that “faggot” is nothing more than a “naughty name.” Watch it:


Good Morning America (GMA) recently tapped Beck to be a regular commentator on its show. GMA senior executive producer Jim Murphy called Beck a “leading cultural commentator with a distinct voice.”

(HT: AMERICAblog and My Two Sense)

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GLENN BECK, HOST: But anyway, Dave, what is the — what is the controversy? One of the guys called another guy a naughty name.

DAVE GLOVER, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Yes. Basically you have Isaiah Washington, who’s one of the stars of the show, who referred to one of his co-stars during a heated argument as a derogatory term for a gay man that starts with “F”, rhymes with maggot. Did it a couple more times after that. And do you like how I did that?

BECK: Yes.


BECK: Do you know that “The New York Times” wouldn’t even print — I mean, we can say the word. We`re having an adult conversation here. Wouldn’t even print the word “fagot.”

GLOVER: Right.

BECK: Wouldn’t print it. I find that amazing.