New Fox Show: Obama Is Not The First ‘Clean’ African-American Since Oprah ‘Does Douche’

Fox News is prepping a new late-night talk show called “Red Eye” hosted by Greg Gutfeld, the former editor of UK Maxim (and Huffington Post blogger) who previously led a web-based chat show for

In a clip of “Red Eye” that was leaked online, Gutfeld leads a discussion about Sen. Joe Biden’s (D-DE) racially-insensitive claim that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.” In the clip, Gutfeld calls Biden “my favorite person in the world,” and asks, “Isn’t [Biden] saying what every liberal is thinking,” that “Obama is acceptable because he’s…a non-threatening black man.”

Also, panelists on the show rejected the notion that Obama is the first “clean” mainstream African-American. “Well, I think Oprah’s clean,” one said. “She does douche,” said another. He added, “I was told I was allowed to say the D-word,” suggesting the comment had been cleared by Fox officials. Watch it:


Red Eye is “one of two recent initiatives that appear to be attempts to broaden the definition of a news channel.” The other is “The Half-Hour News Hour,” a right-leaning version of the Daily Show, which will guest-star Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter as the President and Vice President in an early episode.

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HOST 1: Sen. Joe Biden, who is now, I think, my favorite person in the world, he’s declared his run for the presidency, but at the same time had some amazing words, which I have here on this card, for Barack Obama, describing him as the first mainstream African-American who is articulate, bright, and clean.

HOST 2: Oh. Well, I think Oprah’s clean.

HOST 1: Yeah, but no, running for president. Oprah’s not running for president. But Jesse Jackson is clean.

HOST 3: She does douche. (Laughter) I was told I was allowed to say the D-word!

HOST: Alright.

HOST 3: You will continue to roll, my friend.

HOST 1: Ok, the thing about what Joe Biden says is, isn’t he saying what every liberal is thinking? That Obama is acceptable because he’s basically like Lionel Jefferson, and he’s not threatening — that’s the son.

HOST 4: Is he the one who sang “All Night Long”?

HOST 1: No, no, that was Lionel Richie, also a non-threatening black man. Liberals have this secret racism about blacks. They’ve got to be light-skinned in order to be acceptable.