How on Earth . . .

. . . has the progressive blogosphere not been inundated by posts mocking this absurd Victory Caucus website featuring Hugh Hewitt, Frank Gaffney, and other people who manage the astounding feat of being less credible than Hewitt or Gaffney! They have a blog of course and seem to have been up and running for some time. Recently, Jed Babbin asked the sensible question “what is victory?” in the context of Iraq, which produced a level of huffing and puffing that’s simply astounding. It’s like classic Steven Den Beste from 2002 except, you know, five years later and on a group blog. I’m impressed. See also this plan for Iran:

Pro ejemplo, we could send China a telegram:

Hi, China. STOP
It’s been awhile. STOP
Hey, last time I was in Bejing I noticed a lot of Audi A6s. STOP
We would like Iran to end activities with regards to Iraq. STOP
We know that you have an interest in Iran. STOP
Because, um, we’re about to drop a nuke on the Iranian oil fields. STOP
Just thought you should know. STOP
Hope the wife and kids are good. STOP
Don’t be a stranger. STOP

Yes. It really says that. Hilariously, the next line is “That process must be combined with a strategy in order to defeat the radical Islamic ideology.” The genius behind the strategic masterstroke that is pressuring China to pressure Iran by threatening to nuke Iranian oil fields and thereby raise the price of gasoline (Chinese people being, as is well known, more auto-dependent than Americans) sounds like just the guy to figure this one out.