Kirkpatrick: Iraq a Mistake

David Corn unearths the interesting factoid the late Jeanne Kirkpatrick said Iraq was a mistake in a book that will be published posthumously:

She had just completed a book entitled Making War To Keep Peace, which is being published next month. In the book, she reports–apparently for the first time–that she had “grave reservations” about George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq. She notes that at the time, “I was privately critical of the Bush administration’s argument for the use of military force for preemptive self-defense.” She does not say where and to whom she voiced her misgivings–if she did. Most strikingly, she argues that the war–with respect to bringing democracy to Iraqis–did more harm than good.

Of course, as Corn goes on to note, she didn’t, say, do anything that might possibly have impacted the course of events.