Washington Post To Publish Another Reid Hit-Job?

Today’s op-ed by David Broder attacking Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) over Iraq apparently won’t be the last we hear from the Washington Post on this issue. ThinkProgress obtained this email from an editor of the Post’s Sunday Outlook section, soliciting essays on the topic, “Is Harry Reid right? Is the Iraq War lost?”

Is Harry Reid right? Is the Iraq War lost?

The Washington Post’s Outlook section wants to hear how people in the know would answer this ringing question. So we’re asking a variety of people around town and in the political/military/media/diplomatic community to tell us what they think. We’d love it if you could send us no more than 50 words from the senator, starting with a blunt “yes” or “no” and then explaining why, for publication in this Sunday’s Outlook.

You can send responses directly to this e-mail. I’ll need your reply by 2 p.m. Thursday, April 26.

Look forward to hearing from you soon, and many thanks.

We hope this will result in some balance on this topic from the Post, but we’ll be watching on Sunday. You can write in and encourage them at

UPDATE: Atrios has some important points for any prospective Outlook writers.