Broder: Revision Of Bush ‘Comeback’ Article Will Explain ‘Why Bush Has A Tactical Advantage’

In February, Washington Post columnist David Broder wrote a now-famous column titled “Bush Regains His Footing,” arguing that that President Bush was “poised for a political comeback.”

Several weeks passed and Bush’s approval rating remained in the 30s, so in late March, Broder told readers it was “time to revisit and revise” his earlier false prediction. During a chat today, Broder said his “revised” column will be published this Sunday, and guess who’s still on top:

BRODER: The column for Sunday is an effort to explain why Bush has a tactical advantage over the Democrats att the moment, but why it is unlikely to last. That’s my best effort at an update.

Also today, Broder was asked about his baseless claim that a “long list of senators of both parties” wanted Sen. Harry Reid to step down as majority leader. The Post later published a letter to the editor signed by all 50 members of Reid’s caucus, praising him for his “extraordinary leadership.” Broder said today he was putting the senators’ letter up on his wall “as a testament to what a dope [I] was. I love it.

BRODER: Since I would never question their motives, I have to assume that they spontaneously and simultaneously chose to express their confidence in their leader on the same day last week. I have a copy of their letter, with all the signatures, and it is gfoing up on my wallo. A semi-historic document to pass on to the grandchildren, as a testament to what a dope their granedfather was. I love it.

UPDATE: More Broder:

I have come to have deep respect for the wisdom of the American people, who, in 2004, chose to reelect George W. Bush as president. I have been very critical of his policies, economic, diplomatic and military. But I am unwilling to assume that I am so much smarter than the voting public that I will dism9iss as worthless someone they have chosen as president of the United States.

UPDATE II: Atrios has much more.