Fox News: Paris Hilton’s Jail Time ‘Sounds Like Abu Ghraib’

Paris Hilton headed to the Los Angeles County jail yesterday to begin her 4523-day prison sentence. While there, she will be allowed outside her cell “for an hour each day to shower, watch television in the day room, participate in outdoor recreation or talk on the telephone.”

Today on Fox News’s morning show Fox and Friends, the hosts noted that Hilton will not be allowed to speak on her cell phone while in jail. Guest host Greg Kelly then commented, “It sounds like Abu Ghraib. C’mon, that’s not cool.” Watch it:


Being without a cell phone is not like Abu Ghraib. From a New York Times article, 1/12/05:

“He handcuffed me to the door for eight hours and the next day I had a dislocated shoulder and they took me to the hospital,” he said. Specialist Graner watched as another soldier urinated on Mr. Al-Sheikh, the detainee testified, and Specialist Graner made another detainee eat from a toilet. He threatened to rape them and their wives, and made them eat pork and make statements against their Muslim faith, Mr. Al-Sheikh said.

Pure comedy.

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CAMEROTA: Listen to what she’s looking at in jail. She is going to be treated supposedly like all other prisoners. She’s gonna have a cell to herself. She’s going to have to eat in her cell. There you see her in her cell.

KELLY: Is that the outfit she gets?

CAMEROTA: No, it’s actually going to be an orange jump suite.

DOOCY: She looks good in stripes.

CAMEROTA: And she’s gonna get an hour outside of her cell each day where she can shower, she can watch TV in the community room, she can participate in outdoor recreation. But here is what’s going to hurt her the most, you guys.

KELLY: What?

CAMEROTA: She cannot speak on her cell phone.

DOOCY: Are you kidding me?

CAMEROTA: It is surgically attached to her ear.

KELLY: It sounds like Abu Ghraib. C’mon, that’s not cool.