Strategist X

I was flipping through channels at the gym, and I saw that Tucker Carlson and Pat Buchanan were talking about Iran and figured I’d watch that for a bit. I thought it was strange that the “from the left” panelist for this topic was a “Democratic strategist” rather than some kind of Iran expert or a journalist who writes about foreign policy or something. Weirder, the “strategist” in question turned out to be Hilary Rosen who, a bit of Googling now that I’m home confirmed, was the Hilary Rosen who used to be the head of the RIAA.

As best I can tell, it’s just not the case that Rosen is a Democratic strategist. She’s a longtime recording industry lobbyist, who’s also heavily involved with gay rights issues through the Human Rights Campaign, and currently works as some kind of lobbyist or PR consultant or something for a variety of media firms. I’m biased against her since I hate the RIAA (I was also a Cheryl Jacques fan back in her Massachusetts days), but she did a fine job. It’s just always struck me as odd that cable networks rely so heavily on these random people described as “strategists” and even odder to find one such “strategist” who doesn’t genuinely seem to be a Democratic strategist.