CNN: Only Pro-War Demonstrators Are ‘Troop Supporters’

Reporting on the war demonstrations in Washington D.C. this past weekend, CNN’s Kathleen Koch perpetrated the falsehood that pro-war demonstrators support the troops while anti-war demonstrators do not.

In her report, Koch starts off talking about the thousands of anti-war demonstrators. She then proceeds to “balance out” the report with news on the much smaller counter-demonstration, referring to them as the “pro-troop demonstrators”:

[J]ust 13 blocks away, a smaller group of nearly a thousand pro-troop demonstrators tried to make their message heard.

Watch it:


Koch made no such “pro-troop” reference to those demonstrating against the administration.

CNN’s own promo on its website made the same distinction, pitting “anti war protesters” against “troop supporters”:


— Dave de Give

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