Clear Channel Rejects VoteVets Ad Because It ‘Conflicts’ With Listeners Who Tune Into Rush

Rush Limbaugh’s hometown radio station that broadcasts his show — WJNO AM in Palm Beach, Florida — has refused to air a VoteVets ad by Brian McGough, the Iraq war veteran who was compared by Limbaugh to a suicide bomber.

John Hunt, the vice president/market manager for Clear Channel in Palm Beach, wrote a letter yesterday explaining his station’s decision not air McGough’s ad. Hunt’s rationale was not that the ad was inaccurate or that it posed legal issues, but rather, the ad presented information that “would conflict with the listeners who have chosen to listen to Rush Limbaugh.”


Read the full letter here.

Last night on Countdown, McGough issued this challenge to Limbaugh: “Ask me or any other members of to come on your program and talk to you and tell you how we feel.” But Limbaugh is desperately trying to hide behind his microphone where he can launch verbal assaults without having to defend them.

Here’s the radio ad that Clear Channel doesn’t want you to hear:


In the ad, McGough says, “Rush Limbaugh called vets like me ‘phony soldiers’ for telling the truth.” He continues:

Rush, the shrapnel I took to my head, was real. … My belief that we are on the wrong course in Iraq, is real. Until you have the guts to call me a phony soldier to my face, stop telling lies about my service.

UPDATE: Call Clear Channel in Palm Beach at 561-616-6600 and tell them to air the VoteVets ad.

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