Fox News: Gore’s Never ‘Actually Done Something For Peace;’ Give Petraeus The Prize

Earlier today, after Al Gore was named a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Fox News kicked off the right-wing smear attacks on the former Vice President, comparing him to “Yasser Arafat and that crazy Jimmy Carter.”

But the cable network’s efforts to undermine Gore’s message and achievments began long ago. Yesterday, after suggesting that Gore has never “actually done something for peace,” Fox ran a chyron advocating that a different American be awarded the peace prize: Gen. David Petraeus.

In the segment, Neil Cavuto hosted New York Sun editor Seth Lipsky, whose paper ran an editorial this week saying that Petraeus deserved the prize for his attempts to “save the nation of Iraq.” Lipsky said that Petraeus “deserves” the award “as a representative of G.I. Joe” because American troops “go overseas to liberate, they go overseas to make peace.” He then added that the use of “fighting” in a war doesn’t undermine the “idealism” of the Nobel Prize:

LIPSKY: I can’t think of anything more directly responsive to the idealism of the Nobel Peace Prize itself than the kinds of liberation and peacekeeping that our G.I. Joe and G.I. Jane has had as a mission since World War II.

CAVUTO: So, you say Gen. Petraeus, not Al Gore?

LIPSKY: I say Gen. Petraeus, not Al Gore.

Watch it:


When Alfred Nobel established the Peace Prize in his will, he specifically outlined the criteria by which the recipient should be chosen:

The prize for peace was to be awarded to the person who “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding of peace congresses.”

Petraeus is the architect of Bush’s surge, a plan that has increased the number of forces in Iraq.

So to recap: Alfred Nobel’s definition of peace: reduction of standing armies. Fox News’ definition of peace: war without end.

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UPDATE: In an interview at Science Progress, Joe Romm explains how Gore’s environmental work is directly related to peace and security issues.

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