‘El Rushbo’ Endorses Himself For President: I Have ‘The Qualifications’ As Clinton’s ‘Real Co-President’

rushtowel.jpgYesterday, Rush Limbaugh returned to the airwaves after his holiday break. Rather than endorsing a candidate for president — something his followers have long speculated about — Limbaugh promoted himself for the top job, saying that his “experience” criticizing the Clinton administration through the 1990s made him the most qualified candidate:

I want to discuss with you my qualifications, the qualifications that I possess that suggest that it is I, El Rushbo, who can lead you through this difficult period. […]

For eight years folks, from 1993 through the end of the year 2000, I was there, with Bill Clinton, every day. I advised Clinton on every key issue. I was working behind the scenes to run the country and add to his legacy. I’m not saying he listened to me, but I was there, as were you. […]

The influence this program exerted on Bill Clinton, should I have chosen to run for president would qualify me more than his wife, ladies and gentlemen. But when those records are released you will see how much of a factor I was in the Clinton White House and how successful I was as the real co-president.

Listen to it:


Limbaugh’s self-important, self-endorsement is clearly tongue-in-cheek. Even so, Limbaugh’s history of outrageous statements and claims is anything but presidential:

– Limbaugh has called American service men and women who criticize the Iraq war “phony soldiers.”

– Limbaugh compared an Iraq war vet who criticized him for the comment to a suicide bomber because liberals were “strapping those lies to his belt.”

– Limbaugh said the abuse at Abu Ghraib was only guards simply “having a good time.”

– Limbaugh said the Middle East “should just have civil wars,” and added, “Fine, just blow the place up.”

Alas, if “El Rushbo” is not drafted to run for President, he can take solace in the fact that he once played one on TV.