Anderson Cooper Insists He Hasn’t Covered Britney In ‘A Long Time,’ Despite Segment Last Week

Last night, filmmaker Michael Moore was a guest on CNN’s Larry King Live. At one point, King checked in with Anderson Cooper, who previewed the topic on his show that night: Britney Spears. Moore then cut in, asking why Cooper and CNN are so obsessed with Spears: “Why don’t we just leave her alone and let her go on with her life?” Cooper responded that he hasn’t “covered her for a long time“:

COOPER: I don’t know. This is the first time we’ve covered her for a long time. Clearly, people are just fascinated. There was a story in the LA papers today about the money which is generated by a lot of these paparazzi news agencies and these magazines which seem to follow her every move. It’s out of control.

Watch it:

Evidently, in Anderson Cooper’s world, five days without Britney is “a long time.” In fact, his show did a segment about her as recently as last Friday. Watch it:


In June, Moore was also supposed to be King’s guest. But at that time, the show canceled his appearance in favor of another of the network’s celebrity fascinations: Paris Hilton.