Fox News Refuses To Identify Karl Rove As McCain Adviser

rovetwo.jpgFormer Bush political adviser Karl Rove recently confirmed that he has made a financial contribution to Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) presidential campaign. On March 8, the Politico reported that Rove is “now informally advising” the McCain campaign. But Fox News doesn’t want you to know that.

Since the Politico story, Rove has made four appearances on Fox News primetime in his official capacity as a political contributor to discuss the 2008 presidential elections. In those appearances, he has either praised McCain or attacked both his potential Democratic opponents — without being identified as a McCain adviser. Some examples of his commentary:

— “McCain will be seen if the question is who should be commander in chief, John McCain will out distance his Democratic competitors.” [Journal Editorial Report 03/08/08]

— “I’m happy to see [Obama] go after [Clinton] on ethical behavior and because she is going to respond in kind. And it will get ugly and mean and there will be deep wounds.” [Journal Editorial Report 03/08/08]

— Obama “looked arrogant and harsh.” [Hannity & Colmes 03/10/08]

— Obama is “inexperienced” is “not fit to be commander in chief” and has “too thin a record to be considered a serious candidate for president.” [The O’Reilly Factor 03/12/08]

— Obama is an “inexperienced senator with very liberal views, who’s out of the mainstream of American politics.” [The O’Reilly Factor 03/12/08]

The more Fox News refuses to disclose Rove’s role in McCain’s campaign, the more the network establishes its credentials as the Republican Party’s mouthpiece.