Fox News VP: ‘Of Course’ We Hired Karl Rove To Give ‘Republican Spin’

rovefox2.jpgIn his “Media Notes” column today in the Washington Post, Howard Kurtz focused on Karl Rove’s “second act” in politics as a Fox News contributor and credited Rove for being “generally fair-minded in his commentary.”

But later in the column, Kurtz quoted Fox News senior Vice President John Moody saying “there’s no attempt to conceal” the fact that the network hired Rove to be a partisan and offer “Republican spin”:

John Moody, Fox News’s senior vice president, says Rove was hired because “he’s probably the most quoted, talked-about political strategist of his age. I only worried that someone with his work experience might be too good at keeping secrets when he was on the air. . . . Are we getting a Republican spin? Of course. But that’s what he’s there for. There’s no attempt to conceal that.”

Rove’s commentary on Fox News has been anything but “fair-minded.”

A recent Politico article reported that Rove is now “informally advising” Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) presidential campaign and Fox has continually failed to reveal that fact. Kurtz said Rove “disputed” the Politico report, characterizing his relationship with the McCain campaign as merely “chitchat” among friends:

Rove disputed a Politico report that he is an informal adviser to McCain, saying he merely has “chitchat” with friends in the campaign. He says he got a call from the Arizona senator after McCain clinched the GOP nomination, and Rove donated the legal maximum $2,300 to his campaign.

Kurtz did not indicate whether Rove said chitchatting with McCain’s campaign is any different from advising it.


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