Rove’s Electoral Maps Highlight Cozy Relationship Between Rove, McCain, And Fox News

The Politco recently reported that Karl Rove, former top aide to President Bush and current Fox News employee, is now “informally advising” Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) presidential campaign.

During an interview with McCain on Fox News Sunday this morning, host Chris Wallace showed him some electoral maps based on public opinion polls that Rove had done for Fox News. But in a twist of irony, Wallace presumed that McCain had not seen the maps because Rove now works for Fox News:

WALLACE: Karl Rove, who now works with Fox News, does maps for us based on the average of recent public polls. You haven’t seen these, but you might be interested. And what they indicate is that traditional democratic strongholds like Pennsylvania, like Michigan, like Minnesota, are up for grabs this year. You talked about California. Is this not going to be a red state, blue state election?

Watch it:

But perhaps McCain had seen the maps after all because his media advisor Mark McKinnon, recently disclosed that the campaign had been using similar maps to the ones Wallace showed McCain. According to Texas Monthly’s Evan Smith, “the printed header on both” maps “read ‘Karl Rove & Co.'”

More than that, the Atlantic’s Mark Ambinder reported last Friday that McCain’s recent “biography tour” may have actually been Rove’s idea.

Fox News has yet to acknowledge Rove’s role in the McCain campaign despite nightly appearances on the network in which he praises McCain and bashes Democrats. Wallace had a perfect opportunity to disclose this fact when giving McCain the Rove maps but, naturally, he punted.


PRESSmUP writes: “yesterday on the Beltway Boys, they showed Rove’s maps….of course they also mentioned that Rove as a FOX analyst, is COMPLETELY NON-PARTISIAN in his analysis.”