Glenn Beck Brings On Caller ‘Honky Whitesville’ For Attack On Michelle Obama

gbeck2.jpgOn his radio show yesterday, CNN’s Glenn Beck devoted a 15-minute segment to making fun of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and wife Michelle, referring to them as “elitist” for running for president and talking about “just how tough it is in America today for black people.”

In the segment, Beck brought on a fictional caller by the name of “Honky Whitesville,” who alleged that he was “working with the Obama campaign.” Beck billed the apparently humorous skit as a way to “make the Obama’s seem a little more relatable to the average person”:

WHITESVILLE: I’m working with the Obama campaign and I’m very white. And I’m white. Ever see toothpaste? You know the tube with toothpaste out? That’s sort of my color. … I was looking in the mirror yesterday after I looked up and I was like, oh, no, I have toothpaste all over my face but actually I just had face all over my face because my face is white, and just so everyone knows, I work at the Obama campaign and I’m white but my first name’s Honky.

But Beck did not dismiss this “caller.” Instead, he used “Honky” to go on a tirade against Michelle Obama. “She is an elitist and she is one of the most angry people,” Beck declared. At one point, they attacked her for attending Princeton and Harvard, claiming her test scores were “too low.” Beck even tossed in a suggestion of alcoholism:

BECK: And there she is. As always, they are trying to raise the bar a little higher like they did when she went to Princeton and then Harvard and now possibly the first lady.

WHITESVILLE: Is it possible she was holding onto the bar as they were raising it?

BECK: No, I think she might have made a trip to the bar. I’m not sure.

Listen to it:


Beck has a history of making racially-charged comments on his shows. In 2007, he commented that Sen. Obama is “very white in many ways.” Beck also claimed that “to be consistent,” Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) should give Sen. Obama “five percentage points” because of affirmative action.